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UniAppSA Partners with where anyone can physically access UniAppSA resources. The Career Desk is a physical interface point for  


The Career Desk is an outlet or branch where anyone can access UniAppSA resources. We partner with Schools or Community Development Centres to bring UniAppSA to every community across South Africa. The Career Desk introduces a full spectrum of Career Development Resources to youth in townships or remote areas, who are unable to access our digital platform from home, school or anywhere else.


The initiative is a collaborative effort between Community Development Centres, Schools, UniAppSA and other pertinent stakeholders. This synergised approach allows various partners to leverage their respective resources to create a cohesive youth development program that is equitable and freely available to anyone.


Due to the Global Corona Virus Pandemic, UniAppSA has decided to temporarily suspend the rollout of the first phase of Career Desks. For more information, feel free to contact us